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The Murray's - 2015 Best Christmas Ever family story!  - Video Credit: by Carl Sauer on 2016-12-10

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Both the Grandma and the Mom said they haven’t seen the son smile so much. He has mentioned it’s hard to understand why “those people” would do that to people they don’t know. He has stated “it really is the best Christmas ever” multiple times. His sweatshirts and under armor shoes are always touching him. The mom is still shocked, she hasn’t completely taken it all in yet. Her hand has been on her heart for a few days now. She is on fire to help this organization next year to pay it forward. She really can’t wait to help another.
The playdoh has been all over the kitchen floor already. :)
Thanks again. God Bless.
— Stephanie Dittbenner | Nominator
As a member of many service organizations, I have had the opportunity to build many relationships with many people over the years by partnering on small projects or one time programs. This was one I will never forget! The BCE program has the ability to be a life changing service/program for one family. So many other outreach programs that revolve around the holidays are short fix and temporary gifts. This one is so much more impactful and reaches the most deserving at the most vital time in their lives. It was an honor to be a part of this from the beginning of the process through the end. It has the ability to be sustainable and spreading joy around the holidays by continuing to grow and seeing the benefits of “people helping people” with the “pay it forward” way of thinking!!!!!!!!
Thanks for asking me!
— Krisi Patterson | Superior Sunrise Rotary Club
During my 18 years with Aerotek, I have had the opportunity to partner with several non-profit organizations during the holiday time and by far BCE has been the best experience! I had the pleasure of working with Jason and his team and from the first moment I meet Jason I could see his passion and dedication he has for the BCE organization and how much he truly enjoys giving back to families in their time of need. The BCE program is truly a life changing organization and it was a true honor to be a part of this amazing process! Thank you to Jason and his team for making this a very emotional, humbling & rewarding experience for all involved. Cheers to next year!!
— Tina Lovett | Aerotek
BCE is a great fundraising organization and I cannot express in a short testimonial what a good job they do! This was our first year working with BCE in support of a family and we are ecstatic with the results. BCE is an impressive organization because they get the whole community involved in raising funds. They make raising the funds effortless due to great communication, support and planning all along the way. We would be honored to hang the BCE ornament and gift tags on our tree again next year.
— Denise Matuseski | First National Bank