BCE will be accepting nominations beginning September 1, 2019 and close nominations on November 15, 2019

Nominations submitted after November 15 will not be considered
*Self-Nominations are not accepted nor eligible to receive a Best Christmas Ever

Our mission at BCE is to lift up families who have fallen on hard times, through no fault of their own by giving them the Best Christmas Ever


  • Nominations must be submitted within the submission window determined by Best Christmas Ever to be considered eligible

  • Best Christmas Ever only accepts nominations that are submitted through the Best Christmas Ever Nomination Form

  • All information provided in the Nomination Form must be true, complete and accurate for both the nominated family and the person(s) submitting the Nomination Form

  • The family nominated must have physical custody of at least one (1) school-aged child living within the household to qualify as an eligible BCE family recipient

  • To be considered an eligible nomination and be a qualified nominator, the person(s) submitting the nomination cannot live within the household [currently and/or have future plans to live within the family household] of the family being nominated

  • Best Christmas Ever does not accept self-nominations: Nomination Forms will not be accepted if the person(s) submitting the Nomination Form is also the recipient or the beneficiary of BCE in any tangible way

  • Person(s) who is considering or have submitted a Nomination Form must agree to a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement: Family nominated by person(s) must have no knowledge that they may be considered or have been accepted as a BCE family recipient - All information must remain undisclosed to the BCE family recipient regarding the entire BCE nomination process (Information includes: any prior knowledge directly communicated to the family of nomination submission, any information provided in nomination submission, knowledge of inclusion in BCE nominations, or any prior knowledge that they will be a BCE recipient)

  • Person(s) submitting nomination must agree to further communication & exchange of information with BCE Representative(s) immediately following the close of the Best Christmas Ever submission window - If person(s) is unable to further communication/exchange information regarding the family nominated, the family nomination may be disqualified

details to consider

  • All nomination submissions must be submitted within the submission window

  • All submissions will be carefully considered for the current year only

  • Please be as descriptive as possible

  • Due to the number of nominations, not every family will be chosen

  • Nominators will work closely with their Captains

  • Nominators MUST be available for questions and assistance for BCE Captains to successfully provide the Best Christmas Ever (BCE)

  • If your family is chosen, your first task will be to secretly formulate a gift ideas list for the nominated family

  • Nominators will be contacted directly if their nominated family is chosen

Thank you for your submission!