September 1st through November 15th. 
Nominations received after November 15th will not be considered. 

(Self-Nominations not accepted)

Nominator Name *
Nominator Name
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Nominator Phone Number
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(Nominator may NOT be a part of immediate family, household or benefit in any way personally)
Names of each family member (First and Last), Genders, Ages of Children, and Family Relation. (example: Suzy Smith, Female, 4years old, daughter)
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Please be descriptive
Please be descriptive
Is this family receiving other assistance? *
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All submissions will be carefully considered for the current year only. Please be as descriptive as possible. Unfortunately, due to the number of nominees, not every family will be chosen. Nominators will work closely with their Captains. Nominators MUST be available for questions and assistance for BCE Captains to successfully provide the Best Christmas Ever. If your family is chosen, nominators first task will be to secretly formulate a gift ideas list for their nominated family. Nominators will be contacted directly if their nominated family is chosen. Please do not tell your family if they have been selected.

Thank you for your submission!