BCE Captain Application

Want to GIVE a family a Best Christmas Ever?

BCE Captains are MOVERS and SHAKERS in their communities. We need captains who are interested in going "all out" to take what could have been the worst Christmas ever for a family who has fallen on hard times through no fault of their own, and instead give them a surprise Best Christmas Ever! If that's you, apply below!

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Please add in your desired BCE location below.
A "BCE Tree Location" is the business location that will be hosting the BCE Tree with gift tags of the gift items for each family member. The community of that business will be able to choose a gift tag item to contribute specifically for that family.
Captains have the best success finding the BCE families that need to be lifted up by having great media partners to help promote what they are doing in the community.
You are not required to have previous fundraising experience.
The families chosen for the BCE have experienced truly life changing and devastating circumstances this year. Our BCE Captains do everything they can to take what would have likely been the worst Christmas ever for a family and instead make it the BEST Christmas Ever.
Do you usually turn in paperwork on time, late, or never? *
Clear and timely communication is an extremely important aspect of giving the BCE for families. Some paperwork and follow up communication with families will be required after their BCE surprise.
Does your place of employment have a grant matching program? *
Do you know a family that you would like to nominate to receive the Best Christmas Ever? *
You are not required to have a family in mind. We also can not guarantee that the family you have in mind will be chosen to receive the BCE.